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SunSpot High Gain Screens

Fixed Frame Front Projection High Gain Screens for Sanctuary environments with high levels of ambient light, and stage theatrical lighting.  With a 120-degree viewing angle it is perfect for inline seating that is typical in Houses of Worship or Meeting Spaces. These screens use a layer system of highly reflective micro-textured material with a high contrast filter layer that channels the image into an evenly lit half gain cone with clear color reproduction and black level contrast.

The highly reflective screen material creates up to a 7-gain image from projected light. Seven gain is defined as a reflective brightness 7 times that of magnesium carbonate which is the standard control measurement for a perfect 1.0 gain matte white projection screen. These screens also incorporate a High Contrast Filtration Layer. This combination reduces ambient light, boosts black levels and controls hot spotting to produce an evenly lit angular reflective image that is difficult to achieve in a high gain screen.Sunspot--red