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Aviom and Stage Monitoring

TSI provides standard amplified stage monitoring systems that incorporate traditional unpowered wedges as well as powered bi-amplified wedges. The newest technology is personal monitoring over cat5e network cable with...


Aviom’s Pro16 Monitor Mixing System gives each performer completely independent control over his or her monitor mix. Want a little more drums? Turn them up. Too much guitar? Turn it down. You can change your mix whenever you want, simply by pushing a button and turning a knob. And because each Personal Mixer stores up to 16 personalized presets, you can get perfect monitors every time you play. Without a long and frustrating sound check.

The Pro16 System is designed to adapt to your needs and preferences. Whether you like a floor wedge, headphones, or in-ear monitoring system, you can connect directly to a Pro 16 Personal Mixer and get precise control over your mix.

Better sound on stage and front of house:

Engineers benefit from an Aviom System as well. By giving performers the ability to dial in their own mixes, engineers have more time to focus on other things: mixing FOH, prepping monitor mix contents and sub mixes, and fine tuning key monitor mixes. With Aviom, every performer can get a perfect customized monitor mix every time, whether or not there’s an engineer available to run a monitor desk.