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Line Arrays/ Digital Audio

In recent years, the Line Array loudspeaker system has become the dominant player in Houses of Worship. Line Arrays are currently perceived to offer significant benefit over horizontally arrayed clusters, including a more consistent frequency response over the audience area, and increased high frequency throw.

Line Arrays are not new. The principle of configuring a vertical column made up of closely spaced loudspeakers has been around for decades, principally implemented as column loudspeakers for use in reverberant environments such as churches. Line Arrays increase directivity in the vertical plane and produce narrow vertical beam whilst the horizontal coverage remains the same as for a single device.The Line Array Principle is described in Olsen’s ‘Elements of Acoustical Engineering’, first published in 1940.

The Line Array is now our main recommendation in Houses of Worship and can offer advantages over cluster-type arrays in terms of a more consistent frequency response, increased high frequency throw and a more natural voice reproduction.

Adapting the Line Array principle from theoretical straight arrays to practical curved arrays for live sound has important implications for the acoustic design of the individual elements and the physical deployment and electronic control of the system. Curved Line Arrays are complex in nature and benefit from practical mathematical tools that can help eliminate guesswork and tailor the physical configuration and control settings of the array to the specific venue and atmospheric conditions. TSI is pleased to offer this high performance technology at very affordable pricing that meets even the smallest Church budget.