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Featured Projects

TSI featured in Nov/Dec 2011 issue of Church Production magazine.

How'd They Do That? by Rob Connelly

Powerhouse Christian Church - Houston, Texas

What was originally estimated to cost $200,000, the church wound up getting for $30,000.

Powerhouse Christian Church of Houston needed to created a high-impact video presentation while remaining budget conscious. The church estimated that an HD system with edge-bleeding capatibility would cost well over $200,000 and require a truck full of gear - way over the church's budget and out of consideration.

The church called in Texas System Integration (TSI) based in Dallas/Fort Worth area to help them think through the options. TSI senior consultant Jim Martin explored many possibilities, including the high cost of a new HD camera and video system. The final design that TSI integrated for Powerhouse Christian Church is centered around a 42-foot triple-wide video projection system that is the focal point of the stage.

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"Because a 42-foot center screen would have been cost-prohibitive, they utilized screen paint surrounded by flat black wall paint."


Christian World Church engaged in a total renovation to modernize their worship space.

Christian World Church - Richardson, Texas

TSI implemented the technology upgrades in harmony with the cosmetic upgrades. We removed 1970’s era technology and installed DB’s Digital Vertical Line Arrays matched with a Yamaha M7CL Digital Mixing Console. Stage monitoring was upgraded to a mixture of Aviom personal mixers and DB’s powered low profile wedges. The overall result is a powerful (128db) but simple digital system. The new system is clean, responsive, modern, and green. As a bonus, the learning/ training curve for volunteers is relatively short.

Integrity, honesty, good knowledge, dependable service. A company is no better than the man behind it and I  believe in Jim. I saved a lot of money and I’m thrilled with the product. It’s the technology of the future.” 

George Hancock, Pastor
Christian World Church